veerEarth: Your new portal to customized WakeMap simulations

It’s a big day at Veer Renewables as we release our new web interface: veerEarth! Check it out at

This innovative, map-based platform puts the power of WakeMap directly into your hands. Designed with intuition and efficiency in mind, veerEarth empowers users to create, submit, visualize, and download their own custom WakeMap simulations. As an added feature, we’ve also included free global ERA5 timeseries downloads with the click of a button!

Key features of veerEarth include:

  • Seamless Submission: Directly design and manage your simulation projects within the platform.
  • Fast Processing and Delivery: Our cloud-based computational infrastructure ensures that comprehensive, year-long simulation results are typically available within a day.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: With the power of simulations now in your hands, we are excited to offer significant discounts on WakeMap runs, making our advanced data more accessible than ever.

To help you navigate and maximize veerEarth, we’ve prepared a short tutorial video here. This guide will show you how to launch your WakeMap simulations quickly and obtain crucial results promptly.

This release is just the beginning! We are already developing veerEarth version 2, incorporating valuable feedback received during our private pilot phase. Our focus over the coming months will be to enhance visualization features, enabling even more detailed analyses and comparisons directly through the interface.

Should you have any questions about veerEarth or need assistance getting started, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing how veerEarth will empower your projects and decision-making processes.

Watch the tutorial here.