Veer Renewables Embraces GPU-Powered Weather Modeling

At Veer Renewables, we continue to push the boundaries of numerical weather prediction (NWP) modeling and data analytics to provide advanced products and services to our wind energy stakeholders. In line with this commitment to innovation, we are excited to announce a transformative shift in our NWP computational capabilities. After meticulous evaluation, we are transitioning away from the standard Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) software – grounded in conventional central processing units (CPUs) – to the cutting-edge AceCAST software by TempoQuest. This WRF-equivalent platform harnesses the raw speed and efficiency of graphical processing units (GPUs), offering greatly accelerated and cost-efficient WRF simulations – a direct advantage we are eager to extend to our growing list of clients.

AceCAST is the product of over five years of rigorous R&D at TempoQuest and empowers WRF users to achieve striking performance optimizations using the massive parallelism of GPU hardware versus traditional CPUs. Performing at roughly five times the speed of CPU-based WRF simulations, AceCAST offers an effortless drop-in alternative to the conventional WRF workflow.

Our decision to pivot from the industry standard WRF software to AceCAST was not taken lightly. Rather, the decision comes after months of evaluation and comparisons between the two software products, which are summarized in a white paper we just released.

The validation findings are unequivocal. We observed only minimal variances between WRF and AceCAST, as illustrated in Figure E1. These variances are of similar magnitude to those one might encounter when running WRF with a different compiler or on different CPU architectures.

Given such consistent performance, Veer Renewables has confidently embraced AceCAST as our go-to NWP platform for WakeMap and other WRF-based products. In doing so, we are not just advancing our technological edge; we are committed to delivering these cost and time savings directly to our clients, reaffirming our position as an industry leader in innovation, speed, and affordability.

Download our validation white paper