Leading the industry in wind energy meteorology.

We meet at the intersection of meteorology, data science, and wind energy to offer unparalleled expertise to a range of industry and R&D stakeholders.

Pushing the leading edge of wind energy science

Accurate renewable energy modeling requires a deep understanding of how complex atmospheric dynamics drive power production.

Unfortunately, industry standard methods often overlook and oversimplify many of these interactions.

Here at Veer Renewables, we’re pushing the leading edge of R&D in this space, and work with research labs, plant operators, and investors to improve their resource assessment, energy modeling and forecasting pipelines.


WakeMap™ – the new industry standard

The wind landscape is changing. So should your wind map.

Future-proof your wind farm investments and minimize “wind theft” with WakeMap™ – the world’s first interactive wind resource map that accounts for wind farm wakes.

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Our Core Strengths

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We’ve worked at research institutes, consultancies, and asset owners/developers to gain unparalleled cross-sector knowledge and experience.

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With advanced degrees in renewable energy meteorology, we have spent years building a deep understanding of the key atmospheric processes that drive renewable power production.

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Renewable power plants and weather models produce a ton of data. Fortunately, we’ve spent 15 years simulating, processing, and interpreting these data, so you don’t have to!

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We leverage modern statistical learning techniques to uncover new relationships between the atmosphere and renewable power plants, leading to better energy predictions.

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