About veer

Mike Optis – President and Founder

Mike has a PhD in atmospheric physics from the University of Victoria, Canada, and specializes in renewable energy meteorology. After graduating in 2015, Mike joined UL Renewables – a global renewable energy consultant – as a research scientist. Three years later, following his passion for research, Mike became a senior scientist at the world-class National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado. After a thriving four years there, Mike and his growing family decided to return to to their home of Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. Upon his return home, Mike joined EDF Renewables – a major global renewable energy owner/operator – as a senior data scientist. Mike enjoyed a fast-paced, cutting-edge one year with the company before starting veer Renewables

When not working Mike enjoys getting out into nature with his wife, two daughters, and dog to enjoy the natural splendor of Vancouver Island. Preferred activities are sailing and skiing, both of which can easily be done in the same day. When the winds aren’t blowing or the snow isn’t falling, Mike falls back on camping, hiking, and bird-watching.

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