At the forefront of renewable energy technology, our flagship product, WakeMap, represents a paradigm shift in understanding wind farm dynamics. Utilizing the latest advancements in numerical weather prediction modeling, WakeMap is specifically designed to quantify the impacts of ‘long wakes’ – a phenomenon where the wake effects of a wind farm extend well beyond the typical boundaries assumed in engineering-based wake models.

This cutting-edge tool is increasingly becoming the go-to solution for developers, investors, and researchers who are navigating the complexities of an ever-crowded wind energy landscape. With WakeMap, stakeholders can gain unprecedented insights into the far-reaching impacts of long wakes, enabling more accurate predictions of wind farm efficiency and interactions.

Discover how WakeMap is illuminating the path to optimized wind farm performance and influencing strategic decisions in the renewable energy sector. Dive deeper into WakeMap’s capabilities and join the growing number of professionals harnessing its power to understand and mitigate the effects of long wakes.

Mesoscale Modeling

If your focus lies beyond the specific impacts of regional wake from wind turbines, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise extends to traditional mesoscale modeling, providing comprehensive insights into both onshore and offshore wind resources across the globe.

Leveraging the latest advancements in computing technology, we’ve transitioned to a super-accelerated, GPU-powered version of the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model. This shift has not only enhanced the speed of our simulations but also made them the most cost-effective on the market today.

Whether you’re planning a new project or optimizing an existing one, our mesoscale modeling service offers the precision and reliability you need. Connect with us to learn more and schedule your simulation, and experience how our state-of-the-art modeling capabilities can empower your wind resource assessment.

Asset Diversity Factor

Elevate your renewable energy portfolio strategy with Veer Renewables’ Asset Diversity Factor (ADF). Our pioneering service delves into the intricate relationships of uncertainty across different renewable energy projects. By analyzing the unique correlations between project uncertainties (e.g., resource variability or curtailment losses between different sites), Veer’s ADF accurately quantifies the reduced overall risk achieved through strategic diversification. Utilizing cutting-edge meteorological insights and advanced data analytics, our tool empowers stakeholders to understand the true potential of their asset mix. Discover how the ADF can guide you to smarter, risk-adjusted renewable energy investments for enhanced stability and optimized returns. Explore further to see how your portfolio can benefit from our expertise.

Asset Performance Assessment and Optimization

In the ever-evolving landscape of renewable energy, the inherent intermittency and unpredictability of natural resources demand a sophisticated approach to renewable power plant performance. At Veer, we excel in deciphering the complex dynamics between observed atmospheric conditions and plant performance. Our years of meticulous analysis of SCADA and meteorological data, combined with our unmatched skills in atmospheric and data science, have enabled us to refine the interplay between renewable power installations and atmospheric behaviors, setting new benchmarks in plant performance and operational enhancements. Reach out to explore our tailored solutions that are redefining asset performance analysis and optimization in the renewable sector.